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The Emporium International Foods takes pride in being the #1 source of Eastern European cuisine and groceries in the Central Jersey area. Featuring an array of daily prepared gourmet foods by our talented in-house chefs. In addition to our unparalleled variety of imported delicacies, we proudly offer a wide selection of internationally-imported salami’s, other deli meats, cheeses, fish, caviar, and bakery goods, as well as traditional classics like blintzes, puff pastries, fresh-baked breads, perogies and handmade Russian dumplings. We also feature a large assortment of wheat, barley, oatmeal, dried fruits, nuts, canned goods, juices, sauces, condiments as well as imported ice cream, cakes, chocolates and candies.


Serving the Russian communities of central New Jersey and beyond since 1995. Since inception, Emporium has made a commitment to fresh products and personalized service, featuring a full-service deli of internationally appreciated foods. Due to the huge demand for a bigger and better store, in 2004 we moved to our current location at 2280 US 9 South in Old Bridge. We brought along our passion for delicious foods and strong customer service, which have led to great success that reached beyond the Russian and Eastern European communities of the area! Each week we meet the highest expectations of our many loyal and satisfied customers. Most say that we have effectively taken the words "far and expensive drive to Brighton Beach" out of the equation when its time to stock the refrigerator. Now with our new online ordering system, you don’t even need to leave your house! .

A Wonderful Food Shopping Experience

The Emporium International Foods market offers a unique shopping experience in the area that gives customers an opportunity to explore authentic eastern European cuisine from start to finish. Culinary cultural staples like pickled vegetables, fresh-baked German breads and dairy products are all fresh and handmade at Emporium. Stop by our Prepared Foods deli to try traditional salads, meats and seafood products you can take home. Our catering department will also prepare marinated meats, platters and shish-kebabs for your next gathering. Emporium proudly offers foods that cater to all events. This includes maternal teas for pregnant women, highly demanded and very nutritious Israeli kashas for babies, and an assortment of diabetic products and more for our senior clientele.

Miscellaneous Info


In addition to online orders and delivery, we also offer the “MOBILE KITCHEN” which goes beyond the concept of catering in the Tri-State areas. If you want us to cater your next event, please see our “Catering” page for more information.


Our Old Bridge store location offers many opportunities for advertising that is popular among local businesses. Advertising opportunities include commercials, banners, and 3’x3’ lightbox posters that line our walls. If you would like to advertise with us and have questions about space and pricing, please call us at (732) 679-3100 ask for Mark or Lenny.


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